Monday, November 11, 2013

Whew, im back

hi everybody, well, im back, and better than ever lol.  i just didnt feel like blogging for a while, life was too intense.  you know sometimes when you feel like your caught up in some kind of giant machine and you long for some kind of reason but youre left feeling abandoned in an absurd universe? i felt like that after work, and had to spend an hour with a can of cold beans and a book to feel better....

speaking of which i have been reading about the illuminati and omg i thought it was crazy. but maybe two crazy?  i knew abt the illuminati & rapp stars, but apparently grandmothers are now also part of the illuminati too, which is kind of scary like most grandmothers look just like this guy aleister crowley
wtf roflmao a goat? so cute

anyway this week i have been extremely hungry, i dont know why...  sometimes i just get really hungry so ive been treating myself to sour patch kids and my favorite root beer donuts :-)))  and i so much want a starbucks christmas drink right now but i already had a couple today and it is late now so i cant

what is your favorite starbucks christmas drink?

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