Monday, November 19, 2012


oh my gosh, twilight breaking dawn was actually so romantic...  i am sometimes ashamed to admit my twilight-love, but then at the same time i can't hold it in.  and of course the actors are so cute......

 i hope she writes some more books!  what is really interesting is how the story combines romance and vampire movies together and also so closely parallels the real lives of bears:

robert pattinson relaxing
a bear relaxing

robert pattinson's face
a bear's face

robert pattinson sexy picture
a bear's body

edward and bella hugging
bears hugging

edward and bella kissing
bears about to kiss

jacob looking sexy
a scary bear

jacob looking sexy and hott
a bear looking down

kristen stewart really pregnant
pregnant bear

i wish i were pregnant :-)  do you think it could be jacob's baby? who do you think is cuter, jacob or edward?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

i wake up, i make up, i take my time and do not hurry, i no longer need you

this morning i woke up with a headache and a sense of rebirth.  i decided that i would write about my favorite makeup products and maybe about the coffee i had with caramel syrup, yem!  (my new word for yum)

coffee with caramel syrup
Yem posted the best lip exfoliaters, the best non-tinted lip balms, the best tinted lip balms, the best moisturizing lip colors, the best lip kits and the best lip loosening gels, and who am i to argue with

the best makeup products for lips

they picked bliss fabulips, kielh's lip balm, the lip scrub by sarah happ, baby lips by maybelline, giorgio armani lipstick, vitamin e lip stuff by the body shop, lipstick by another company, glo minerals exfoliating lip wand (of course), yes to carrots lip balm, sonia kashuk stain luxe lipcolor with spf 16, nutritic levre lips by la roche pochay, etc. and the best part of all was that it was all so cute and i wanted it all!!  especially the baby lips by maybelline because of the name and the neon colors.

i wanted to review this bic click stick pen, too.  no offense to bic, but this pen isn't my favorite.  it's plain white and black and i think something sticky got spilled on it, so now it doesn't click anymore.  also the ball is stuck and doesn't write, so as awesome as bic is, this pen gets a thumbs down from me. :-(

bic click stick pen black

i threw it in the trash after reviewing it

here's what i'm reading, by the way, lol so cool:

the inferno of dante a brilliant new translation by robert pinsky

it is my favorite book yet ]:-)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

things paris hilton has

besides her fame as a celebrity, paris hilton has a lot of stuff.

she has a bus

paris hilton's bus

she has sweat pants

paris hilton in sweat pants

she has an iPad

paris hilton with ipad

she has money

paris hilton with money

she has a cell phone

paris hilton with blackberry and handbag

she has a hamburger

paris hilton with a delicious looking hamburger

she has a boyfriend

paris hilton with her boyfriend

she has a girlfriend

paris hilton having lesbian sex

she has a car

paris hilton with her favorite car

she has a chihuahua

paris hilton with her chihuahua

she has pizza

paris hilton eating pizza

she has herpes

paris hilton showing off her herpes

she has friends

paris hilton with her best friends

she has a couch

paris hilton sitting on a couch

she has a bike

paris hilton mountain biking

she has a teddy bear

paris hilton with a teddy bear

she has a cat and a bird

paris hilton with an adorable kitten

she has shoes

paris hilton collects shoes

she has a big stuffed duck

paris hilton with duck

do you think you have anything that paris hilton doesn't have?

Brad and Angelina with food

so i've been on a big fruit crazy lately, lol last night i ate 4 bananas in a row so i guess i won't need my potassium supplements this week. angelina jolie has been my celebrity idol forever, and I found these totally cute pictures of her and brad pitt eating, i knew she liked apples a lot but it looks like she likes other things too and i love the pictures of them eating together!!!

angelina jolie with yummy apple
angelina jolie enjoying peppers
angelina jolie eating an apricot
angelina jolie enjoying a strawberry -- really cute
angelina jolie enjoying a chocolate cake
angelina jolie enjoying a hot coffee
angelina jolie enjoying a hamburger
angelina jolie enjoying a tasty apple
angelina jolie and brad pitt drinking together
angelina jolie enjoying eating while looking at her baby
brad pitt eating a mini sausage
brad pitt enjoying pringles
brad pitt enjoying espresso
angelina jolie drinking whiskey
brad pitt enjoying water
brad pitt eating soup
brad pitt enjoying orange juice
brad pitt enjoying a burger

yep...  now i'm hungry! who do you think eats the most, brad or angelina?