Tuesday, November 12, 2013

how to get better at blogging: 5 tips

1. don't be afraid to post about yourself.  i know sometimes i can be really afraid to post about myself and i am not sure, but it is always better to post about yourself because nobody knows more about you than you, and nobody has your face.  post your face as often as possible because people like seeing it and especially if it is drinking coffee, mmm, or wine

2. do a good design.  a good blog design is important to making people stay at your blog and making them come back to look at your blog again later.  the main elements of design are: blog platform (like blogger or facebook), fonts, your header, colors and social media icons and your about me photo.  one of my favorite fonts is: http://www.identifont.com/samples/itc/Papyrus.gif because it looks kind of like old but also it is classy .  picking a good font is important.  then you should make your header like:

3. always address your readers, and end your posts with a question to your readers.  your readers like to feel appreciated and listened to, so you just have to ask them questions so they think you are interested in them.  its not necessary to reply to your readers if they comment because remember that you are the blogger and they are just the readers, you dont have time to respond to them all the time because you are busy blogging, but you should invite them to tallk with good questions like 'what did you think of the things i said in this post? what are your top five reasons for coming back every day to read my blog and share it with your friends?"

4. comment on other blogs. if you find a blog that has more followers than you you should try to comment on it a lot and leave your link there so other people can follow your blog too.  you dont need a big comment just something simple like 'cute' since most things bloggers post are cute, but dont forget to leave your link because that is the most important part.. you might want to tell people to follow you too, because sometimes they dont think of clicking on the link themselves

5. post sponsor buttons to big popular blogs in your sidebar. your readers and other bloggers will see them and think that you are cool like those bloggers and they might ask you if they can put their sponsor ad there too which is good because then you can start making money from your blog which is the main goal.. also then companies will think you are a popular blog and start sending you free cute pants, bags nail polish you name it!

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