Sunday, November 18, 2012

i wake up, i make up, i take my time and do not hurry, i no longer need you

this morning i woke up with a headache and a sense of rebirth.  i decided that i would write about my favorite makeup products and maybe about the coffee i had with caramel syrup, yem!  (my new word for yum)

coffee with caramel syrup
Yem posted the best lip exfoliaters, the best non-tinted lip balms, the best tinted lip balms, the best moisturizing lip colors, the best lip kits and the best lip loosening gels, and who am i to argue with

the best makeup products for lips

they picked bliss fabulips, kielh's lip balm, the lip scrub by sarah happ, baby lips by maybelline, giorgio armani lipstick, vitamin e lip stuff by the body shop, lipstick by another company, glo minerals exfoliating lip wand (of course), yes to carrots lip balm, sonia kashuk stain luxe lipcolor with spf 16, nutritic levre lips by la roche pochay, etc. and the best part of all was that it was all so cute and i wanted it all!!  especially the baby lips by maybelline because of the name and the neon colors.

i wanted to review this bic click stick pen, too.  no offense to bic, but this pen isn't my favorite.  it's plain white and black and i think something sticky got spilled on it, so now it doesn't click anymore.  also the ball is stuck and doesn't write, so as awesome as bic is, this pen gets a thumbs down from me. :-(

bic click stick pen black

i threw it in the trash after reviewing it

here's what i'm reading, by the way, lol so cool:

the inferno of dante a brilliant new translation by robert pinsky

it is my favorite book yet ]:-)


  1. i'm eager to try the maybelline baby lips too! it's such cute packaging.

    thanks for checking out my blog!

  2. i definitely want to try baby lips have heard good things!