Saturday, November 17, 2012

Brad and Angelina with food

so i've been on a big fruit crazy lately, lol last night i ate 4 bananas in a row so i guess i won't need my potassium supplements this week. angelina jolie has been my celebrity idol forever, and I found these totally cute pictures of her and brad pitt eating, i knew she liked apples a lot but it looks like she likes other things too and i love the pictures of them eating together!!!

angelina jolie with yummy apple
angelina jolie enjoying peppers
angelina jolie eating an apricot
angelina jolie enjoying a strawberry -- really cute
angelina jolie enjoying a chocolate cake
angelina jolie enjoying a hot coffee
angelina jolie enjoying a hamburger
angelina jolie enjoying a tasty apple
angelina jolie and brad pitt drinking together
angelina jolie enjoying eating while looking at her baby
brad pitt eating a mini sausage
brad pitt enjoying pringles
brad pitt enjoying espresso
angelina jolie drinking whiskey
brad pitt enjoying water
brad pitt eating soup
brad pitt enjoying orange juice
brad pitt enjoying a burger

yep...  now i'm hungry! who do you think eats the most, brad or angelina?

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